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Zinc water tanks/ sink water tenke
Rainbow Tarps and Linings offers a quality range of galvanised corrugated iron water tanks manufactured and installed by “Rainqueen Corrugated Tanks” based in Gauteng and the Western Cape and distribute right across South Africa.
The water tanks are ideal for households and farm applications for storing of potable borehole water for human consumption, using a 620 micron potable water liner or for rainwater harvesting, using a 450 micron liner, suitable for garden or animal use. The tanks have a solid galvanised top with a manhole for easy cleaning and maintenance of the water tank.
These long lasting and aesthetically pleasing looking tanks come in various sizes with holding capacities ranging from as small as 250 litres up to 20 000 litres. The tanks come standard with a 40 mm outlet and overflow, larger sizes can be fitted on request.
These tanks have an expected lifespan of around 20 years, they are not affected by the suns damaging UV rays as are plastic roto moulded water tanks readily available on the market, that after some years are prone to crack due to plastic becoming hard and brittle.