Zinc Dams/ Sink Damme

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R 8,250.00

Rainbow Tarps and Liners manufacture ZINC reservoirs to be DIY installed. If required a factory installation can be arranged at a fee.

These dams are made from rolled 0.8 mm corrugated zinc sheets and fitted with a UV stabilised 500-micron or in the case of potable water a 600 micron reinforced PVC liner . Zinc dams come standard with a 40 mm outlet. Other sizes can be fitted on request. Sizes range fro 3 m up to 14 m diameter x 1.5 m deep, with holding capacities of 10 000 litres up to 231 000 litres.

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  • October 23, 2019 at 1:26 pm

    Need 45000 liter reservoir, for potable water, with roof and liner, about m 5meter diameter. Please quote. Near Krugersdorp


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