Yard tarps / werf seile

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Rainbow Tarps and Linings manufacture yard tarps from one of the following materials –

• Recycled 500 g polyester scrim reinforced PVC which are either black or white on one side with some or other printing on the other side.
• Alternatively a virgin 550 g polyester scrim reinforced PVC can be selected.

Standard sizes are available – 12 m x 9 m, 9 m x 9 m, 9 m x 6 m, 6 m x 6 m, 6 m x 3 m. All other sizes can be made to order up to a maximum size of approximately 200 m2 or 100 kg in weight. All tarps come with a 60 mm seam unless a wider seam is requested to accommodate a pole. Stainless steel eyelets are fitted at 1 m intervals otherwise to customers specifications.