Window frame and Spanish Bar burglar guard

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R 2,000.00

Window frame and Spanish Bars that were removed from the house to make way for a sliding patio door. The frame is, from what I can see, a ND512F.
Dimensions are 2430 wide x 1500 high. The large pane in the centre is broken, but the rest of the glass is good. This is being sold with the Spanish bar as a combination.
The Spanish bar is 2700mm wide x 1500mm high and made from 12mm square bar. There is slight surface rust on the bars, but a steel brush and paint will sort out the problem.

Price for a new ND512F frame is anywhere from R1500 at Alphabuild to R2300 at Doors Direct.

Add glazing and it will run the cost up by another R1000 or so.

My price for the whole lot – R2000