Welded mesh reservoirs/ Maasdraad damme

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R 1,830.00

Mesh reservoirs offer the most cost effective DIY water storage solutions on the market.
We have two ranges available: –
– Series 10/08, 10/11, 10/14 a entry level range which has a painted welded mesh.
– Series 50/12, 50/15, 50/18 a commercial range which has a galvanised welded mesh.
Mesh dams are available in a variety of sizes and depths, ranging from 2 m diameter up to 9.45 m diameter with depths ranging from 0.8 m up to 1.8 m. Having holding capacities of 3400 litres up to a maximum of 128000 litres depending on the range chosen.
Both series offer 2 liner options, depending on the use of the dam and one’s budget.
• 450 micron – Irrigation and aquaponics systems best suited for indoor use.
• 700 micron – Fish farming (Tilapia, Koi, Barble) , aqua culture, irrigation, swimming pools. Best for outdoor use.

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