Ayrshire Heifer for sale.

 Large Livestock (Cattle & Equines) / Posted 1 month ago by Marcus Samuel / 17 views

R 4,900.00

11 Months old pure bred Ayrshire Heifer. From a very good stud. Responds to the name Rose. Very sweet natured. Asking R4900 for her. Ayrshire milk is famed for taste and quality. Thats why Woolworths only buys milk from Ayrshire dairies. Artisan goat cheese makers also blend with Ayrshire milk as it is closest to goat milk in composition.. The bulls also grow quickly and can be used for beef. Ayrshire cattle are exceptional animals. For this price, its a bargain. Will make also make a very good pet family cow because she is very tame and sweet natured. SMS or WhatsApp during work hrs.